Finding reliable service and merchandise remains a major challange in today’s rapidly growing food service industry. We at *A.Stein Meat Products Inc.* recognize this challenge and have developed a strategy to help make an often hassle filled industry simple... We put our famile’s name and combined 5 generations of service behind each and every transaction.

*A.Stein Meat Products, Inc.* Has been in the wholesale meat busineass for nearly 60 years. We are suppliers to hotels, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, specialty markets, gourmet grocers and institutions of prime and choice meats servicing the tri state area. Thoughtout our tenure we have epitomized a time tested notion that personal care and quiality products translate into efficient production and even more importantly contented customers.

We cary a complete and assorted line of fresh and packaged beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry, provisions, offal and fabricated and portioned cuts, while offering prompt and timely with personal touch.